Can We Make a Gimkit Course

At least I won’t :cry: :disappointed_relieved: :pensive:
Not for a long time.

When will I get regular?

If you visit 14 more days in a row.

14 days


Like this @Cameron_Sharer?

gimcourse??? :exploding_head: kyro reference, anyway yeah would be cool idea if we built off the end of the acc gkc tutorial


Doesn’t have to be in a row, just 14 more days visited before your account is 100 days old.

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Yes, but a lot more guides.


If I get a specific plan, I can make a draft.

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Is gimcourse a thing? I just made up a name on the spot.

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Yes, lol.

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How 'bout this: We bookmark this page and make a plan for the Gimcourse. We’ll go from here.

Gimcourse is a discord server I think.


no it was the old off topic forum

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Why is there so many off-topic forums???


It was the old GCC
Now everyone’s on the WIX again

New name, but okay.