How to make teams and and team spawns and team sentry's and flags

I need help with making the teams work and flags work and teams and spawn because every time one of my friends joins they are one the same team as me and I can’t get the teams to work I also have sentries attack me when they are supposed to guard the flags and attack the other team

i don’t know abt the flags but the sentry’s i can help in, so do you have them set on team 1 or 2 or team sentry?

well how do i get the team spawn to work


when one of my friends test the game they spawn where Zombies/ Team 1 spawns and they doesn’t spawn where team 2 spawn and have a red marker

This gives you the basis to solving your problem.

To make the team spawn use a spawn pad and change the Allowed team.

For the sentries change the Sentry team to the desired team.

Dose this answer your question?

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yes thank you for your help

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