I Just Started Gimkit Creative. What do I do? {The ultimate beginner's guide to Gimkit Creative}

You know we can still see what you posted by hitting the orange pencil.


Lol I might turn this into a simpler guide about skill trees since I have no patience to make these kind of things


I turned this into a different guide since the original one would take too long for my liking. @here

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I could have used this when I started lol

Shouldn’t this be a PSA?

I don’t think this would quite fit as a psa.


Do not reply under this post unless you have a question. Edit the space below to bump the guide:

lxmas is cool, i swear it’s true
I was just joking :grin:

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Okay, I just reread this, and the amount of problems I could have easily fixed by just double checking the settings is ludicrous. (Seriously guys, make sure you typed the channel into the correct slot! Literally happens to the best of us!)

Why is this a wiki?-WhoAmI
Because why not?

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Random strike of genius!
Instead of switching teams when tagged, give the player an item. Then when a tags another player, if the first one has an item and the second one doesn’t then you tag them.
Has someone implemented this yet?

It’s a placeholder.

What even is your pfp?

idk, just some abstract lines interwinding. The problem is that I have no ability in art and no subject to focus on. I need to find one.


I could draw you a pfp. I drew mysz’s mouse. Or, you could go pro and ask Navy. As long as it’s not a dragon, I can draw it.

Has someone implemented pseudo-teams for tag?

Because it would be useful for tagging but not respawning, right?

The tag zone by definition needs teams to function though.

Oh… Because team 1 can’t tag team 1, right? I forgot…
Makes sense though.

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But if it was ffa…

You would need a tag zone for each combination though.

The question is… is it worth it to not have to respawn?

  • Yes
  • No
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