I Just Started Gimkit Creative. What do I do? {The ultimate beginner's guide to Gimkit Creative}

But it’s something to play with at least.

Bam. Now we know it’s possible at least.

It would be a VERY special case that we would use pseudo-tagging in.

Well, I’m a VERY special person, so that works out!
Should I add it to my tag guide?

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Why not? It IS a tug after all…

Probably. Say we had teams 1 and 2. In it, there was a division of bait and no bait. Only bait could tag no bait, and no bait could only tag on their side, or something like that.

Sigh… I’ll start on Monday. Today is too weekend-y for me to do that.

Please don’t add the wiki tag to this since this is only a wiki so I can edit it a lot later if I need to.

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@Haiasi this is beginner must read since it’s about gimkit, not forum tips.

Oh ok.

Am I the only one who doesn’t use grid snap? Maybe even I can benefit from this guide! I’ll try it out!


Grid snap is great for organization.


Yes, and also if you are making a room with repetitive props or such, it looks nice to have them all perfectly lined up. I didn’t used to use grid snap, but I have started using it a lot more often.


So I just Bumped this post. What does that do? (The ultimate Bump reply)

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@therealroyaltalor please don’t edit this topic.
This is @NavyCatZ’s guide as it is her private property and she only made it a wiki to have an infinite amount of editing time.


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BUMP for NavyCatZ

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