How to make a buyable "Turret" (Difficulty: 🟩 )

Hi! In this guide, I will be showing you how to make a Turret for your gimkit mini-game!
Anything in Italics is optional.

For this, you will need the following-
1 Vending Machine
1 Sentry
Knowledge of using Channels

First, go to map options and select teams. Then set the team mode to “Specific Team Amount.”
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.08.27

Then, set the Number Of Teams to 2

Next, place down your sentry.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 12.52.10

Now, go to Sentry Team under Featured, and put Select Team 1.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.11.22

Now, place down your vending machine and set it to “Transmit on Channel”
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.16.30

Next, Set it to “No” for visible in game.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.17.55

Now, in “When Item Purchased, transmit on”, put TurretBought.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.19.12

Now go back to your sentry, and go to Channels. Now, under “Activate Sentry when receiving on”, Put TurretBought.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.23.26

Then, Go under all options and scroll down until you see Respawn Enabled. Click No for that.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.23.15

Next, Go to your Vending machine and under Availability click Yes under “Deactivate On Purchase”,
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.32.55

Finally, go back to your sentry, go to All Options and click No under “Active on Game start.”
Screenshot 2023-05-27 13.28.36

There you have it! Now, when you buy the item in the vending machine, the turret is enabled.
If there’s a problem with this, go ahead and reply to this guide.

Optional From here on (Difficulty: :orange_square: )-
Now, Go back to channels and under “When Sentry Knocked out, transmit on” put TurretKOT.

After that, go to the vending machine and type TurretBought under “Deactivate when receiving on”. And then Type TurretKOT under “Activate when receiving on”.

Now move the Vending Machine close to the sentry.

And there you go! Now, if you did the optional stuff, the sentry should be able to be bought again after being killed.
Have Fun!


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Rating: 8.5/10

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Overall, this tutorial is well written and informative. With a bit more structure and a clear conclusion, it could be an excellent resource for Gimkit users looking to expand their game creation skills.

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