How to make a turret 1/10 🟩

First place down a boardwalk it should be 4-5Then take 4 dark grey stone barriers and place them around the boardwalk and place a sentry inside of that then place a teleporter and place it somewhere random so they can’t walk inside the turret (it should look like this)
then place dark wooden signs for the roof (it should look like this)
turret 2 Lastly make sure the turret is on the team it’s defending so it doesn’t shoot your fellow soldiers.

How to build a house you can walk into ch. 2 | TUTORIAL | Difficulty::green_square: This is by @Chong their great at making tutorials. it’s what I modeled my roof after. Have a great day.


You should use the vertical wall instead of the horizontal wall for the side.

Nice Guide! I agree with what @getrithekd said, you should use the vertical wall.

ok thanks for the suggestion always glad to take them :grin:


Isn’t there already a guide on this?
Also, this is more of a 1/10.

I am not trying to copy but I just wanted to make a easier process to make a turret

But it’s kinda the same thing.
Just place a sentry and add props to customize it.

OK i apologize for copying :frowning_face:

Nice guide!

Thank you @The_7th_Dragon

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I think it’s fine as it’s more of an art piece.

I never thought of adding signs to the top. it kind of looks like a bunker now. Great guide! :+1:

nice job thats really cool

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