How to add purchasable walls/barriers. (Difficulty: 🟩)

This guide is for Gims who want players to spend something to make a wall appear. This system can be used in situations such as Bedwars, Capture the Flag, Tagging games, etc. I have separated it into three sections below:

Vending Machine

First of all, place down a Vending Machine device, and disable it from being visible in-game (Featured).


Now, set the maximum number of purchases to 1, like so (Stock):


If you want, you can make it so only one team can purchase certain walls, using the settings below (Availability):


Change the Purchase Action to Transmit on Channel, and don’t change anything after that (Featured).



Next, we’ll need to add the wall itself. To add walls, you can use any resembling props, or possibly barriers. First, you want them to be disabled with a Lifecycle device. Keep the default settings (Game Starts).


Next, we will wire it to the prop, so that [When Event Occurs], [Hide Prop].

This will make the prop invisible to all players when the game begins. If it suits you, you can add some text to help players buy the walls.


Finally, we will wire the vending machine to the prop(s). Set the wire’s settings so that [When Item Purchased, Show Prop].

This will make it so the prop is shown when the Vending Machine is purchased.

Now we have a wall that has to be purchased by players for their respective teams. You can easily add more props and wire them to the same Vending Machine and Lifecycle device to make chains of walls. Hope you found this guide helpful :smile:!


What happens when the prop is destroyed? When you buy the wall again, will it still pop up?

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Props can’t be damaged by default. It needs to be manually toggled.

However, if you toggle the destruction of a prop, and then make it so you can purchase the destructible prop, once the prop is destroyed, can you purchase the prop again?

In the optional section in one of the guides, the guy says how to do it:

No, but you can place an invisible barrier on top that takes damage and add a wire so that when the barrier is destroyed, the prop is too. Then whenever someone purchases it again, you can buy it back

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Title: “How to Add Purchasable Walls/Barriers” - A Guide for Gims

Tutorial by: @Anythinger

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  1. Clear Title: The title effectively communicates the purpose of the guide, providing a straightforward description of the topic.
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  3. Target Audience: The guide identifies the specific audience, Gims who want players to spend resources for wall appearance, catering to their needs.
  4. Structure: The guide is logically structured into three sections, ensuring a systematic presentation of the information.
  5. Detailed Explanation: Each step is explained thoroughly, offering clear instructions accompanied by relevant images to enhance comprehension.
  6. Visuals: The inclusion of images assists in visually illustrating the different settings and configurations, aiding readers in understanding the process.
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Areas for Improvement:

  1. Introduction: While the guide provides a brief overview of its purpose, it could benefit from a more engaging introduction that hooks the reader and creates anticipation for the content that follows.

Rating: 9.5/10

The guide excels in many aspects, including a clear title, engaging introduction, identification of the target audience, structured organization, detailed explanations, the use of visuals, and the inclusion of practical examples. With some minor improvements in consistency and proofreading, it would be even more polished. Excellent work, @Anythinger!

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