Cannons in Gimkit! (Difficulty 2.5/10 or 🟩)

Yay! A cannon!
Credit to @IlliniSD for How to make a turret and @Xa67 for How to make a buyable turret

In this guide, I’m going to explain how to make a cannon that actually works!

Disclaimer: this cannon will only work if there is an enemy for the cannon to fire at, otherwise, it won’t shoot.

Step 1: The Mechanics

We will start with a sentry, who will be the “cannon”.
Make the sentry have a quantum portal and set the difficulty to whatever you want. I recommend setting the health to max, you don’t want it to be destroyed! Make sure the sentry is not active on game start, that can cause some problems for your players. Be sure to also change the team, so it doesn’t attack you. Here’s an example:

Then, make the sentry activate and reactivate using channels (what I’m doing) or wires.

Alright! Next, we need to add a button that will activate the sentry, so you can shoot the cannon.

Now, we’re going to add another button, which deactivates the sentry.

There! The basis of the cannon should work.

Now, for the decorations…

Step 2: The Actual Cannon

To make the cannon actually look like a cannon.
First get a circular barrier and place it above the sentry. Then add a rectangular barrier to the side of it.

Lastly, add a wheel…


And there you have it. A working cannon!


Cool guide! Do you think that you can get the cannon to shoot in a specific direction or a player-specified direction?


Thank you!
I don’t think so because that would require a heavy amount of either animation or it registering where the sentry is shooting at…

Ok. It seemed hard, and I’m sure there’s a way, but it just is too complex.

maybe you could put zones around the cannon to change it so it is pointing at the player?

Well the player wouldn’t be that close to the cannon… and it would require a lot of animation

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WHEEL??? were did he get a wheel from???

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You could use barriers to block off the sentry line of vision so it would only fire in a specific direction, and change the barrier position for different configurations.
Also the wheel is an emoji.

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I’m a girl btw sorry

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It’s fine!

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You could make it activate a landmine or multiple lasers, you’d have to use coord sytems if you want it to hit a certain player.

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Great guide! Thanks for crediting me :slight_smile: !

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your welcome!!!

Nice guide!

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I BUMPed into a cannon!!! Whu oh, pls dont launch me…

This would be interesting in a game… Especially a recreation of Big Tower Tiny Square

w0w this is an old guide. I didn’t even realize why I was pinged until I saw that I made this…