How do i configure sentries to only attack certain players [e.g. the enemy team, a specific target]?

is there a way to be able to “build” them [for lack of a better term] in game ? im trying to implement sentry “guards” to prevent spawn camping, and it would be cool if you could somehow place them yourself in-game

In the settings of the sentry make it part of a team and it will automatically target any other team, but you can’t make it target one team.

you can switch the team of a certain sentry so it attacks all other teams.

thanks, im new and not that familiar with configuring structures yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is ok, that is why this forum is a thing.

Here is aguide you can use.


Before you post, look up to see if anyone else asked the same question.
How do I make a sentry that only attacks if you’re holding a certain item? - Help - Gimkit Creative
Hope this helps

is there a way to place them without being in edit mode? im trying to make an engineer class

No there is not, you have to be in edit mode to do this.

No, that is the only way to place anything, props terrain, devices.

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Yup, that’s how you do it! It’s all in edit mode/ creative mode.

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