A Way to End the Game when there are no more players in a team 🟧

Have you ever wanted to make a game that will end AUTOMATICALLY when 1 team is empty? Well, today I will solve that question for you.

Devices needed:
Wire Repeater 1x
Tag Zone 1x
Zone 2x
Counter 1x
Lifecycle 1x
Spawn Pad 1x
End Game 1x
Relay 2x
Teleporter 4x

The Settings

First, set the tag zone to zone form, and cover what ever area you want it to cover. Set Team 1 to tagging. Now, set your first zone to the SAME EXACT SIZE as the Tag Zone. For the second zone, just put it somewhere, and put your spawn pad(For all time but only for people on Team 1) there. I will get into why later. Just place the wire repeater down somewhere near the tag zone. Place the counter like above the tag zone. Set the target value to 0, and I will tell you later why. Even if you want the tagged people to become taggers, this will work. Also, when the counter receives on add, increment the counter, and when the counter receives on minus, decrement the counter. Set the Relay Audience of Relay One to Team 1, and the Audience of Relay Two to Team 2. For the Wire Repeater, set the delay to 3 seconds. For Teleporters, there will be two pairs. Set the first one of the First pair to GO to TaggerPlace, and the second one in the First pair to BELONG to TaggerPlace. For the first of the Second pair, make it GO to RunnerPlace, and the second of the Second pair to BELONG to RunnerPlace. Make sure to follow this EXACTLY so that you don’t have some crazy teleporting issues.

The Counting: Adding Form

The counting will have two parts: Adding and Subtracting. The Adding will use our second zone. Make a snug little room and MAKE SURE that the second zone covers the WHOLE ROOM with NO exceptions so that no one can enter twice. Of course, you could do something else and still do it correctly, but this is easier. I will be adding a Bonus Adding to tell you how to decrement your counter when someone leaves the zone anyway. This is where the players that are RUNNING will be spawning. This is Team 1.
Back to the Adding. The counter we will use will be the same. Be sure to use channels instead, since you might use a long distance, and wires can be a pain in the butt :grin:. Okay, now set the second zone so that when a player enters or spawns in the zone, transmit on your channel ‘add’. This will increment the counter by one.

Going to the main room

Since this is not the main tagging room, we will need to teleport ALL players to the main room. If you made a room with NO zone for the tagger, great. And make sure that you already made a tagger chooser, since I am not explaining that here.
Okay, now we will make our Teleporter Contraption. Wire your Lifecycle(Game Start) to your Wire Repeater, then wire the Wire Repeater to both your relays, both settings Wire Repeater Receives a pulse → Trigger Relay. Now, wire your Team 2 relay to your TaggerPlace Teleporter(The one GOING). Wire the Team 1Relay to the RunnerPlace Teleporter. Place your BELONGING teleporters on different ends of wherever you are tagging and running.

The Counting: Subtracting Form

Now, we are subtracting from the Counter. We put the other zone(with tag zone) here because if a players leaves we still need to subtract. Just make the zone transmit on ‘minus’ when someone leaves the zone. Now, scroll into the tag zone’s settings and make it transmit on ‘minus’ when a player is tagged.

Bonus: What happens when a player leaves the game? And how can we solve this?

Leaving the zone is a very easy problem to solve. Just edit the zone so that when a player leaves the zone(it should work when a player leaves the game) transmit on minus.

Happy Gimkitting!


Wow! So inspiring! Makes me wonder why I chose to look at this rather than continue my in-progress guide!




Need to finish it, though


I’ve tested it, and it works, but it has this ONE GIGANTIC error. I am working to fix it. I think I have a solution…

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And I think I am coming up with guides pretty fast

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what error?

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Oh, you’ll see :grin: I don’t want to reveal it too fast. Anyway, I have a solution


This is a hard guide to make, since there is this one really annoying thing that happens.


FINALLY! After EIGHT edits, it is FINALLY done!!!

Great guide, @Blizzy!


BTW, great job, @Blizzy!