Ideas for underwater maps

I want to do an underwater survival map where sentry has tried to take over but I don’t know what to do

What do you mean by “take over?”

Here’s a guide:

Also, remember to search :mag_right: before you post! :email:

thank you and where they’re invading the plant where you are so you hide underwater and you are the last one on the planet or just with your friends

What other mechanics do you need help with?

These might help!

Length Warning

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Really, Really Sure?

Ok, good enough.
You asked for it.

Counting and Ending Team Battle Royales! Difficulty [ 🟨 ] or [5/10] [WIP]

A Way to End the Game when there are no more players in a team 🟧

From now on, I’ll add Hide Details if I put lots of guides/links.

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none you covered them all thank you

Oh, okay.
That’s all?
Just message if you need more help!

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(If you need more ideas, I’d suggest keeping this post open for another day or two.)

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