A Detailed Description of the Difficulty Rating System

TLDR; Posts are rated based on difficulty.

Also, you should rate your own posts.

In Gimkit Creative, we all know that some things are a lot harder to do than other things. For example, linking two players via data is a lot harder than making an “Answer Questions” button.

When people make guides on these forums, most prefer to state the difficulty of the guide in order to “warn” the player of the difficulties the guide possesses.

Now, there has been a very subjective and rough system assembled to help label the difficulty of each post on an n/5 or n/10 scale. The difficulty is very subjective and really depends on the player following the guide, and the player creating the guide. This is a rough estimate of the difficulty rating system that has been assembled in the past month or so. There are many factors of difficulty, like how much the guide walks you through, or how familiar is the player with this device.

Difficulty in 1 Dimension:

These topics are rated on one factor. The difficulty to understand the guide. Let’s get into some of these.

Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square:

The easiest difficulty of them all, guides made with this difficulty can be done by someone with almost no experience and has just completed the tutorial. Difficulty 0/10 examples can be like, “How to make a player spawn in a certain area”, or “How to give a player an item when they answer a question correctly.” Overall, this difficulty is pretty easy, and should not require much experience.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 0/10

Difficulty 1/10 or :blue_square: :

This is a very easy difficulty. The player understanding should have had at least a few minutes with the Gimkit Creative interface to understand these types of guides. They are usually guides to simple tasks like “How to grant a player an item when they knock out a sentry” or “How to create an “answer questions” button”.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 1/10

Difficulties 2/10, 3/10, or :green_square:

While entirely new players may have trouble understanding these guides, they are fairly simple, and after around 20 minutes or less in Gimkit Creative, you should start to understand how the guides work.

These usually use more channels and wires than the previous guides, but they should still be pretty easy to decipher. Especially if they are accompanied by images. Guides like this might be like “How to use gadgets in your games” or “How to create safe zones in Battle Royale Games”. 3/10 rated guides might be harder than 2/10 rated guides, but they should still be understandable enough to put in the “easy” tier.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the easy tier. Welcome to the Medium Tier.

Difficulty Example:

Person Rating: 3/10

Difficulties 4/10, 5/10, or :yellow_square::

Welcome to the medium tier of Gimkit Creative! These difficulties can use many channels and wires. You should now also have a basic understanding of properties and block code, because some of the harder 5/10-rated guides include them.

Spending an hour or two messing around with the system, working on games, and tinkering with objects should give you an understanding of the 4/10 difficulty. Spending time on the forum can also give you an idea of how difficult 5/10 is.

Guides like these usually are like “Creating Basic Loot Tables”, “How to Utilize Properties”, or “How to create an on and off laser”.

Overall, these guides are pretty easy for the normal Gim, but can still be difficult for the newer ones. They are more creative, and therefore harder to grasp.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 3/10

Difficulties 6/10, 7/10, or :orange_square::

Now, we’re getting into the harder difficulties. Spending a good amount of time on the forums and in Creative should help you understand these difficulties. The orange square difficulty is usually pretty abstract and can be very useful.

Usually, the main factor in difficulty is a high use of channels, wires, and creative thinking. These can use block code, properties, and triggers, and take up a lot of memory usage.

Guides like these are probably like “How to Create Full-on Loot Tables”, “How to get an Item from destroying a Prop”, and “How to Create a timer that counts down on Screen”.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 9/10

Difficulties 8/10, 9/10 or :red_square:

Welcome to the “creative” tier! These guides usually require a lot of creativity and effort to create. Usually, only Gims experienced with blocks, properties, and optimization can use these guides very effectively.

You should spend a lot of time on the forums and on Creative, or basically just any coding website to understand these. The reason they are :red_square: the difficulty isn’t because of so many channels or not knowing devices. It’s because of the intricate coding.

Guides like this would be “How to Broadcast Channels Through Concatenation”, “How to Create a Dungeon Crawler”, and “How to Create a Voting System”.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 8/10

Difficulty 10/10, or :purple_square::
These are the peak of the mountain. They require lots of creative concepts and understanding. In fact, little is known about the guides in this difficulty, because there are only 3! And 2 of them are related to each other!

These guides are really, really, hard. They use math, and algebra, and are just really mind-boggling. They can be a mess of wires, channels, or just plain “what the heck” level material.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 7/10

Difficulty 11/10, :black_large_square: or :skull::

You know what I said about the purple difficulty? Repeat that but harder.

There’s only one guide using this difficulty. Should it be purple? Maybe. For now, though, it stays as the famous guide that helped @ClicClac become the most liked person on the forum. Because when you create a guide like that, you’re bound to have more people pay attention to you. Like really, it was a really, really, good guide. It had like 25 images.

Difficulty Example:

Personal Rating: 10/10


These are some of the sub-ratings of the Gimkit Difficulties:

Difficulty in Multiple Dimensions

Right now, we are using one dimensional difficulty. A point on a number line.

2 dimensional Difficulty is composed of (How Hard to Understand, Time Spent Creating)

3 dimensional Difficulty is composed of (How Hard to Understand, Time Spent Creating, Thinking Level)

Difficulty in the Polar and Complex Plane

What is the difficulty of a post rated 3 + 2i? Well, when you turn it into polar form you get the difficulty of root 11. Theta is also arctan(2/3)
Exmple of translating imaginary difficulty:

Finally, we turn it into polar form. 3.317(cos(303.3) + isin(303.3)) in degrees

The Final Verdict:

Alright, this was kind of a joke post.
@here, Please only use blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.

That’s it! Those were the many difficulties of C.M.G.

I hope you enjoyed it, and happy Gimkitting!



There have been three or four posts on rating difficulty now lol
Great explaination though!


Ngl, the deletion of the 1000-reply post is what made me #1. But _____Land certainly helped.


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lets add more ratings so we can have a more precise difficulty system


:snowflake:: -1/10
:cloud_with_lightning:: -2/10
:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:: -3/10
:fog:: -4/10
:tornado:: -5/10
:wind_face:: -6/10
:flying_disc:: -7/10
:goggles:: -8/10
:gloves:: -9/10
:-1:: -10/10


:egg: - 0.25/10
:cloud_with_rain: - 0.5/10
:sun_behind_small_cloud: - 0.75/10

:sun_with_face: - 1.25/10
:zzz: - 1.5/10
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:- 1.75/10

:earth_africa: - 2.25/10
:beginner: - 2.5/10
:ocean: - 2.75/10

:mountain_snow: - 3.25/10
:cyclone: - 3.5/10
:rocket: - 3.75/10

:star2: - 4.25/10
:dizzy: - 4.5/10
:sparkles: - 4.75/10

:croissant: - 5.25/10
:package: - 5.5/10
:ear_of_rice:- 5.75/10

:cherry_blossom: - 6.25/10
:lotus: - 6.5/10
:heartbeat: - 6.75/10

:bomb: - 7.25/10
:boom:- 7.5/10
:anger: - 7.75/10

:volcano: - 8.25/10
:new_moon: - 8.5/10
:waxing_crescent_moon: - 8.75/10

:first_quarter_moon: - 9.25/10
:waxing_gibbous_moon: - 9.5/10
:full_moon: - 9.75/10

:black_flag:- 10.25/10
:eye_in_speech_bubble:- 10.5/10
:ballot_box_with_check: - 10.75/10

:infinity: - inf/10


Are those negatives?


@kyro, you forgot the negatives! Also, what happened to 8.5 and 9.5?


No, they’re all positive.


didnt include them but i will add more emojis soon


Also imaginary ratings featuring complex numbers.


Why don’t we make the in between numbers both the rating above it and below it? ie: 7.5 = :orange_square::red_square:


what the heck do negative ratings do


Super easy? I don’t know at all.


@mysz Can you update the guide to include imaginary numbers? For example:

How to Make Moving Sentries | Difficulty: (3+2i)/10 or :triangular_ruler:


i guess when its not so helpful??? idk


Difficulty of tutorial = real part. Clearness of guide = imaginary part. (still inactive)


You also forgot this:

And for the imaginary numbers, you didn’t put Nose:


Also, what is C.M.G.?

By the way, @mysz, great guide!


community made guides


I remember a suggestion on rating posts ourselves. Should we come up with a standard post rating system?