Using emojis in titles

If you look around the Community Made Guides, almost every guide has an emoji in the title. There have been brief explanations of some uses, but I am just going to go into detail.

Let’s get started!

Difficulty ratings

The most common, a lot of the guides that have difficulty ratings. This is useful for when you need to know how hard something you want to do will be. For example, you might be a newer gim trying to make a bank with interest, but seeing the guide difficulty says that it might be a little hard for you.

There are a ton of guides based on difficulty.

If you didn’t bother to read some of those, you need to. But I would just like to list out some exeptions.


1. Concept

There are a ton of concept guides out there. For example, check out AUO:

This doesn’t have hefty use on anything complecated, and requires no block code. Yet it is still a :purple_square: because it is a hard concept that is hard for new, and even more intermediate, gims to comprehend.

2. Length/Tedium

Basically, some gudies might be a little different then they would normally be. Let’s look an example. First, let’s check out @ClicClac’s Tic-Tac-Toe (or if you want Clic-Clac-Toe).

Now, in thought, this is not a very hard guide. It is just very long, and you have to do a lot of things over again. Like all of the wires. It would probably only be yellow or orange if it wasn’t so long, but the length made it harder. In fact, at one point, the guide was rated purple.

3. Simplicity of Difficulty

Ok, this is basically when something uses a lot of difficult stuff, taking a lot of time, but the shortness of every repeated action actually causes it to be easier. Sort of the opposite of reason 2. An example would be Monopoly. It uses a ton, and I mean a ton, of block code. But half of the block code is just setting a property, and that’s it. Of couse, some of the block code is more advaced and lengtheir, but most of it isn’t. So while the amount of block code makes it around a purple, the simplicity of diffictulty makes it red.

Those are the exeptions!


Some guides aren’t things that aren’t directly related to Gimkit Creative. The most likely have things to do with the forums itself. These are probably PSAs, which use the :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: emoji. These are espicially helpful for new gims, and overall help the community. The use the loud speaker because they can’t really be identified by a rating, so they use the loud speaker to show that it needs to be said loud and clear! An example would be this guide, letting the people know something!


Everyday, people ask questions that have been asked and answered. And people were like, Obection! Asked and answered! So as a solution, people came up with resources pages. Basically, they are guides that have a list of guides on a particular topic, usually one that are important in one way or another. For example, there have been a ton of questions related to Among Us, so there is a resources page for all of the guides for Among Us. Here is the resources page with every single resource page:

Note: they are identified with the newspaper emoji.


There are several TUGs, or The Ultimate Guides. These are stamped with a :scroll: (scroll). TUGs are rare and only made by the best for the people that need the knowlege to do everything. There is a resources page that you can access by finding it in the resources for all resources page above.

That’s it for today!

As always, this is @Here_to_help, Happy Gimkitting!


Nice Guide!


Thanks! I saw a guide that used a random emoji yesterday, so I decided to make this guide, so that people would know how and when to use emojis.

Great! This will help some people.

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Where was it?

Look at some of the things before the edit. Plus, they still are using an emoji that they said that they are personally going to use.

Nice psa, @Here_to_help! Maybe add the tag?

Oops, forgot about that.



Hey, I was wondering if this is allowed, whenever I finish a guide, I say
That’s all for now, see you soon :coral:
Would that be allowed, it matches with my user

Yeah! I meant the titles. Someone had an emoji that was in the title, and nobody understood what it meant and why it was there.

Edit: I would add FA’s, but I forgot to make this a wiki. So, yeah, I can’t edit anymore.

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