[WIP Help Guide] Gimkit Survival Island (reality Show game)

I am making a game and a guide about joining a reality TV show called “Island Survival” and want ideas on how to make it.

Contents include

  • Tree Chopping
  • Helicopter design and animation
  • Day cycle and response system
  • collapsable tents in certain areas
  • Outside tent and inside tent
  • Survival mechanics
  • Narration
  • 3d building

This help guide is a work in progress and I will be adding other help ideas

You want ideas on how to make the contents?

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Ok, I got 5 links for the 6 things you wanted.


thank you!

Thanks,i was wondering if you know how to make a day and night cycle??

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Make a timer, and put each tick to activate a barrier! You might need to make a step-down mechanism to make it slow enough, though…

two things,

  • what is the thanks for?
  • and Idk how

the thanks was for the guide.

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Please mark a solution if you found one

i haven’t yet (this is a WIP so I will not do solution until the game is complete)

A wip Help? You could just make multiple topics when the question comes to mind.

i just dont want to cause clutter when all I have to do is ask on the original

i want to create a 3d building like a skyscraper with a roof to stand on. how?

Layering Terrain.

can you add more to that reply? Like layering terrain isn’t going to give me full instructions. (talk to me like I am dumb - cause I am - )

for skyscraper you could try this?

i can work with this! Thank you!

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