Tree "chopping" game idea

So, I’m making a medieval map, and I decided to put a tree in it. Then I thought, "Hey! I can make it to where you can chop down the tree((** and die**) from the Lorax), you could make a game out of this! It’d basically be like Fishtopia, but you chose to be a lumberjack instead. You could make it to where there was a ‘wood’ property or something and trade the wood for money, but it could also be more like a contest to see who can chop down the most trees.

Tell me if the screenshot didn’t load

So, you could make it to where Prop Destroyed(Tree) → Show Prop(Stump), and then whatever you wanted to do with it; You could even do a Once-ler theme and make the point of the game to chop down as many trees as you can without finding a tree with the Lorax in it.


Nice First Guide and welcome to the community, @Trasch!

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Nice guide! Also welcome to forums @Trasch! Remember to read the community guidelines, beginner-must-read, new-user-must-read! Also you might want to remove your name from your pofile.


Noiiiice! Great first guide! (Too bad there isn’t a wood item…)

I mean you could use pseudo-inventories but yeah it isn’t possible yet, maybe the update will come with custom images

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Welcome to the forum and great guide!

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Nice Guide! Perfect scene for a forest, us humans love cutting trees. :smiley: It’s definitely a benefiting action four our planet. :+1:


Yeah, as long as it’s not deforestation(cough Once-lercough)

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I had a idea like this, on my island survival game. Sadly, it was almost impossible to duplicate it because wires don’t duplicate. (also, bump)

Channels do duplicate when you copy a device though.
(If you’re confused what I mean by this is when you copy a device with a channel, the copied device’s channel will still have that channel from the original device.)

I know this, but if I used channels, the whole forest would be chopped down and you would gain a ton of wood. Let’s get back on topic though

There is one type of item that is amazing for resource types: Seeds!


White Seed could be stone.

Brown Seed could be wood/logs.

Silver Seed could be iron.

Dark Green Seed could be leaves or grass.


Oh, actually that’s an awesome idea!

you know you should make a post about that

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alternatively you could layer the stump below the bottom of the tree and save like, 10 memory for wiring

Maybe I shall… Maybe…

This guide really helped me. I made a game where you chop trees.

wow that sounds extremely sarcastic

well la dee dah chop chop

No, actually, check the link in my bio. @Trasch