Hi, yes, i’ve seen many guides to making thumbnails
(but decided to make a guide for *when in the process of making a thumbnail, not where to make one) -Intro has what I use for when making my thumbnails
also I tried making a webpage for this, and failed ( It was blocked or had an error page for many)

so here are my Tips n’ Tricks to when making a thumbnail!

  • Disclaimer-
    please use this guide to help you make GKC-related thumbnails,
    or for outside of here, anything!

  • I wanted this guide to further help people who are confused on thumbnails, where
    I make them, and a full walkthrough of their mechanics.

(welcome to art class buddy)


Hello, hello and welcome!

I will be showing YOU my tips and tricks for when making thumbnails!

( I will be adding multiple GIFs to walk you through some specific things!)
What applications do I use?

    and I hope this has helped you in any way!
Paint Tool

Ah, the PAINT tool, one of the best tools to use for a masterpiece!
here’s what it looks like:


Screenshot 2024-03-04 4.28.23 PM


Screenshot 2024-03-04 4.28.53 PM
How and what do I use the paint tool for?

1st of all, why ask that question?

I dunno but It’s there!

 alrighty! The paint tool can have many uses, it's up to you and your creativity! 

Just tap/click and drag in a normal or abnormal way to draw!

It could be used to draw, make something more noticeable, fill something in, and more!

here is something simple that shows you how koro-sensei’s head is drawn:

You can draw anything with the paintbrush tool! (use it WISELY, no sus stuff)

~honestly I don’t think there can be much said about the paintbrush tool Kat

~bruh, I KNOW THAT, I’m trying to sound smart!

okay, moving onto LAYERS.


Ah, Layers ,layers, and LAYERS!
what are layers you might ask?
Layers are like stacked, transparent sheets of “glass” on which you can paint images. You can see through the transparent areas of a layer to the layers below. You can work on each layer independently, experimenting to create the effect you want. Each layer remains independent until you combine (merge) the layers.

~Did you just google that Kat?

~ uhhh, what’s google again?

~you DID, didn’t you…

~ hahahah, no most definitely not!

welp, forget that!
what does the LAYERS Icon look like?


Screenshot 2024-03-04 4.45.40 PM

Photoshop: (the bottom circle is to ADD a new layer!)

Screenshot 2024-03-04 4.44.27 PM

Layers can be used many ways, for instance, when I don’t wanna color on the SAME LAYER, all you have to do is make a layer BELOW YOUR OUTLINE, and color like this:
You can also use layers to do some shading!
like this:
Okay, now here is: How to shade using LAYERS!

  1. go to layers and turn the opacity down
  2. pick a color to draw over
  3. make sure it’s the TOP layer
  4. done.

got that?
okay then, onto Color!

A lil' everything about color

Alright, colors are an IMPORTANT aspect of your art! They make a masterpiece all wonderful and flashy as it is!

There are warm colors and your cools, analogous colors, complementary colors, and so much more!

for now, I’ll be putting the basics and suggesting a few things about color! (basically color theory!)

If you don’t know what to do with a color scheme or something about color and contrast, look at this image and think of these terms!

a lil' more to shading

Ah, at last, SHADING!
Remember in the LAYERS section, you could use a layer to color?
welp, now you can use it to shade also! I will be giving shading techniques!

~Show them your scratch, Kat

~Not funny

Okay. Onto shading techniques!

shading techniques come in a ton of variations! You can use those variations to your liking and give your art some SPICE!
here are some:

Now, There is a shading theory, a way you can shade knowing where to put “light” at:

other "hidden gems" i guess..?

Okay. The DROPPER and SMEAR tools.
They’re very simple.

~Kat’s simple. She’s simply short!

~No. just no. and idiotically inaccurate. I’m one inch below your height!

The dropper is used to GRAB color from a spot, and use it!
The smear tool is to RUB colors/ blend them together!
ALRIGHT! What do the DROPPER and SMEAR tools look like?


Screenshot 2024-03-04 5.06.23 PM

Photoshop: the smear tool (also KNOWN AS MIXER BRUSH click the little arrow by the paintbrush, you’ll find more painting options, it should be there!)

Screenshot 2024-03-04 5.06.56 PM

Using the SMEAR TOOL:

~Kat, you don’t even use smear, why include it?

~I forgot

Adding small, but powerful details!

Adding small details! it’s another way to spice your art up!

you can include:

  • easter eggs, like this one frame in an animation:

Screenshot 2024-03-04 5.11.55 PM

  • did you notice it? welp, there are a bunch oh "AH"s like someone screaming!

welp, nothing much to say about this topic though.

~yeah, we know


Text and fonts! (Typography!)

Ahhh, Texts, Fonts, and C0lor!

a great aspect to include in your graphic designs!

it looks l like a [T]

here’s a definition:

Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. It involves font style, appearance, and structure, which aims to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages.

and here’s your example:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 5.14.33 PM

here is how you can add simple typography:

Well, well, well! read it all?
Because you made it to the end!!

~Good job, but are you going to add more things anytime soon, Kat?

~Thanks, although I may add more when I feel something related to this is necessary

I hope y’all had a great time learning!

(phew! That took a LONG TIME! Anyway, how do you think this guide was?
give feedback in the comments if needed!)
anyways, I finished koro with using some aspects I explained:

  • Useful, but I don’t think it was needed!
  • Great! It may help many others that need it!
  • trash. I just don’t like it.
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Hasn’t this kinda been made before?

A great guide from the person who made my Doki Doki thumbnail!

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I’ve talked to jeff when I was making thumbnail tips and requests he was fine with tips about thumbnails


Who would pick trash? This is amazing!


1st, why is there even a trash option. Work of art.

I see myself using this, but I think I won’t ever use a thumbnail cause I Won’t publish stuff.


I freaking love the smudge tool.


Same! I just got on it, and it RULED!

Yeah it made my shading life SO much easier


this guide is amazing! I really love how you used great grammar and included lots of helpful details. great job!
maybe add some examples of thumbnails you’ve made in the guide?
it would be super helpful and i’m sure it would help others understand even better.


My school blocked Kleki. :sob:

Why? Its a drawing website! Did they block canva?

  1. also I finished ur story MirMir's Lore Site ↩︎

Nope, just Kleki. Weird huh?

yeah… well canvas is just as good
I meant canvas btw. This one

did you read the thing (story)


I use canva, I just thought that Kleki would also be cool.

Or use photopea. Its pretty much photoshop in a browser

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thanks for your feedback!

I added the finished product of what I walked through to further help
your understanding!
hope it helped!


I read the story with me… it was funny, “We even kicked him”. :rofl:

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For Mir mir.

Can I use you in a story? I will add you into the beach scene but from my POV and make another accurance and you can read my new lore to add it to yours. @MirMirCreates

Yeah, sure sorry. I have been busy lately