Thumbnails- Hand Drawn VS Photoshop- Definitions and Do's vs Don'ts!

So recently, there has been a bit of confusion as to what hand-drawn vs photoshopped thumbnails are.
Specifically, the two definitions of Hand-Drawn.
Well, this is how I usually interpret the two, and some tips on both.

Hand Drawn

So, the confusion here is: Is hand drawn on-paper or anything drawn by hand?

I usually think of it as any thumbnail that is created from scratch- no premade images or anything. Just drawn by hand digitally, either on a drawing tablet, or laptop (serious respect to those who can do that, how do you even draw with a touchpad/mouse???).
A paper thumbnail is what I call a thumbnail that shouldn’t exist because 1) image lighting is 99% of the time abysmal and 2) coloring/sketching looks less smooth overall and 3) eraser marks :skull:

Now, some tips:

(you can also use this guide for a more in-depth explanation.)


-Make sure your background and foreground styles are cohesive!


(sorry I rushed this one, it looks so ugly)


-Shading and highlighting is key! Make sure you have in mind where the light is coming from- the corner, the center, maybe even directly in front of your eyes!



-Positions are important! Does the thumbnail have a calm feel? An exciting feel? Position your Gims based on this!

do (in a calm thumbnail):

don’t (in a calm thumbnail):

Some of the best artists are Kat_Aronii, NavyCatZ (on Discord), and Gimkit Theorist (on discord).
I like to think that I’m decent : P


Now, many of my friends do photoshopped thumbnails.
Basically, a photoshopped thumbnail is one where someone takes images of Gims, backgrounds, and objects, arranges them in one image, edits it, and adds titles and stuff.
If done correctly it can be very appealing!
If not… you’re pretty much doomed.

Now, I don’t do photoshopped thumbnails, so here are various guides and tips/tricks on how to do it correctly!
Two skilled photoshoppers are Nixximon and M1dnight. Props to them!

Thank you for reading through all this blabber jabber!
No, seriously, thanks.
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You’re an awesome thumbnail maker, VoidFluffy. One of the best!
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You can always get better with practice! : )


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