How to make GOOD thumbnails! (1.0)

(This is the first version of the guide, I will make a better version in the future)


You want to make a Thumbnail for your game but don’t know where to start, well, this tutorial will teach you how! So without further or do, lets get right into it.


Go into your game and choice an area to screenshot, then right click and click “Copy Image As”

Actual Thumbnail

You want to use something like Canva, but for this tutorial we will use Photopea. Click new project and choose “YouTube Thumbnail” (1280x720). Then Paste your image in and now you have your background.
Then, press T and click on your canvas, from there, type in your game name and if you want, you can type in the creator name.
For the font, you want to use something like ‘Luckiest Guy’ font.
Then, on the right, where you have your image layers, right click on the Text Layer.
You will want to do some experimenting.
If you want you can make your text stand out by adding a thick stroke with a size of 5-10.
Click ‘Ok’ and center your text.
And now your done!

What’s Next?

Well, you want to apply your own strategies, like Stock Images, or even adding some Gims around the screen!


Sorry if this tutorial wasn’t that self-explanatory. But this should give you a good thumbnail!

Alright, Cya!


There’s already a (locked) guide on this though- you could put your artwork in the “finished products section” and put your name in the ‘artists’ section as well.
There’s also a ‘requests’ section where people request for thumbnails and the artists put their work in the ‘finished products’ section.


@Haiasi I have a better idea, look at the post


Its great to have you back Argo!



why must you bump this incompleted guide?

So they remember to complete it.

This Guide is finished and is open for questions now!

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Also, maybe add that you can use background removers or images from my guide (Joe’s guide) so they know.


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