Thumbnail tips and requests

While this is closed I still plan to keep this running we don’t need to reply
if you have a request add it
if you have a finished product add it
if you want to be an artist put it into artist requests
update the numbers based on what is there
keep this nice and clean

and when you finish artwork ping the user it is for so they know to check

I’m writing an email to jeff to see if he can unlock this


This is for thumbnails not to chat
No cursing
Do not rush the artists; art is not made in 2 seconds
Only reply if: you have a request, you want to be an artist or you have finished someone’s thumbnail
stop getting this closed

Thanks to Gimkitsuggestor, Cellofive, and Morepeko8 for helping think of the idea

Before I posted this I asked for permission to make this guide from Jeffo

Please let this stay open to help people with thumbnails


Making thumbnails Intro

One of the main things people look at when playing games on discovery is thumbnails. Thumbnails make the first impression on any game and can decide what you want to play, for example people will more likely play your game if you have a good thumbnail. Some tips for good thumbnails are

  1. drawn thumbnails are often more appealing then screenshots in game(images from other games are often copyrighted and not allowed)

  2. lots of details sometimes thumbnails just look plain; be careful to not add to much though

  3. cartoonish thumbnails with gims are also usually favored

  4. don’t clickbait

  5. thumbnails should not be square but a rectangle

  6. try to not place cartoonish gims on a realistic looking background sometimes it works but often it just clashes

Making your thumbnail

First decide what you are going to use to make your thumbnail. Some tools include kleki, canva, canvas, google slides, and photoshop. Next decide on what map the thumbnail will be for and the theme. Themes add to the thumbnail and cam display the vibe of the game. Cartoony with gims are very popular. Planning out the thumbnail before you start this helps you understand what you are making and the end result will look less sloppy than if you just wing it; Planning it out also helps people when you are asking them to make the thumbnail for you. The next step is to choose a background you’ll want, a background that fits your theme and makes sense. Choosing your background should be the first thing you add because it can decide where the characters should be standing (not on a wall). Next add the characters to the thumbnail. The characters are the most important part and can decide how good a thumbnail is. The last but not least is adding small details such as props and some shading.


Wiki rules

You may ask in the replies

If you want to be added or removed as an artist ask in the replies

Provide at least one art example to get on the list

Only one person edits at a time

thumbnails have to be appropriate for 7 year old viewers

Only use the art that was given to you not someone else’s

You can only have one thumbnail request at a time -don’t ask for a 2nd one until the first is done

If you want to be listed as a artist ask politely in the replies

Don’t be rude to anyone here there is much higher demand for thumbnails then artists to make them


List your usernames next to the request when you decide to work on it

Add your finished products directly to the wiki


Recently the majority of help topics have been a version of “can I have a thumbnail” which has been causing clutter. This wiki will be used to list all requests and the artists to make them. You may request a specific artist to help you.

Requests (8)
  1. Quimblo’s thumbnail [Foxy]
    i need thumbnail of a blue gim facing 8 thrones
    the gim has a sword (foam)

  2. Josiah009’s thumbnail request–
    Sirath Gims (you should know what those look like) surrounding a massive gate with light pouring out of it and a silhouette of the King Gimrick gim (You should also know what that looks like) inside. All of the knights should be holding swords and in the corner there will be 2 bandits (Kynami gims, they look like ninjas) trying to get in. By the way, the gate is the gate to a massive stone castle, and there is not a moat. On the top, there should be a text saying: TOWER DEFENSE and a subtitle in the bottom saying: GUARDIANS OF THE GATE. Thank you so much if you make this, I’ve been working hard on my game. -Josiah
    Working on this -Navy

  3. Hector’s request
    Can you just add the gim version of Luffy and then gim Sanji and Zoro at both sides of luffy (sanji on the left and zoro on the right) transparent background

  4. Moon’s request [Cellofive is working on it]
    a thumbnail of a depressed Gim any gim.

  5. LoneWolf’s request
    a lot of Sentries and aliens fighting and master chief upfront background high tech spaceship like

  6. Caternaught request
    Make a British Bombay cat for the thumbnail “Cats are power” (the gim itself not the thumbnail)

  7. speedingVortex’s request
    A thumbnail where 1-2 gims are waking up in a just straight up white insane asylum with the title at the bottom saying “One Room after Another”

9.BreathTaking’s Request
A thumbnail with a title called “Frostfire Battlegrounds”. Use the title to create the thumbnail.

  1. Gimmaster’s request
    A thumbnail where a gim is standing near a wooden crashed ship looking at a straw hut. The perspective is from behind the gim, the broken ship is to the right of the gim, and the middle of the thumbnail is a little to the left of the gim. The gim is standing near the sand of the island, and the hut is 8 tiles away from the gim, the camera is 1 tile behind the gim and 1 tile to the left of the gim. I want the gim to be a Nibblit (hamster) gim. The ship is crashed on rocks, the only rocks on the island are where the ship is crashed. There are 3 layers: layer 1, sand. Layer 2, sand but higher. Layer 3, grass. The title of the game is: “An interesting building: Part 1”

I have a lot of details.

Finished products (7)

For Shadow.exe

art by Nixximon
For MrEgg,

I’d love feedback because not much detail was given.
Art by Captain-Gim

For Floppy
Screenshot 2024-02-01 8.14.45 AM
Art by XxAaronDaBeastxX

For Gim_dogger

Art by XxAaronDaBeastxX

For @Cellofive

Art by XxAaronDaBeastxX

For @CoolGimkitPlayer

Art by Foxy

For @C-C

For @Josiah009

by @NavyCatZ

Artists (12)


IMG_0590706×520 164 KB




I’m da guy who made Tim btw






Screenshot 2024-02-01 7.56.03 AM







Screenshot 2024-02-01 8.14.45 AM




Artist requests(1)

speedingVortex (my work below)

@speedingVortex I would like to see some art that is not photoshop and if it is photoshop I would like to see more things added instead of just adding a gim to a background check artists for other example work (XxAaronTheBeastxX does photoshop)

I hope this helps and please let me know if I should add anything



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I have an idea, could you please show finished thumbnails under the artists name rather than other thumbnails from previous posts?


I’m not sure if @x.mochi is still taking requests for thumbnails, because she said 3-4 days, but it has been longer. (not to rush pls don’t take this wrong)


x.mochi has asked me to list them


finished thumbnails that they make will go there currently there are no finished ones so we are using art they wanted to be added


Oh, I’m making a help post that should be posted in a few minutes.


@gimsolver I want a poll not a checkbox


What do you mean by that?


No thumbnails have been put in the library.


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I would like to post that the error message that occurs in the file upload that isn’t a jpg isn’t real. I was able to put a png and it worked. Just saying for future reference.


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