The ultimate guide on banks in GCM (Gimkit Creative mode)

Banks, a common thing to include to your games, a fun place to rob and take money in your game. Well, this is a ultimate guide on them, I should get started.

Guides to help you

How to make a bank area (Credits @mushroom &@x.mochi) (Difficulty: :green_square:)
How to Make a Bank with Interest- Difficulty :orange_square: or 6.5/10
How to Create a Bank with a Deposit/Withdrawal System | Difficulty: :yellow_square:

How to earn money by robbing one

This is very simple, add a safe prop and a button that gives you cash

Ideas for defence traps

You have a bank, now you have to defend it. I would recomend using a laser that has to be turned off, or a elevator you have to hot wire using this guide: How to make a easy randomizer
You could add security cameras using this. You could add a line of sight guard that attacks you if you enter a zone, use two sentries, one is on your team and one is not.


This is a important part of the bank, you need a vault door! Use this guide
to make the vault door and maybe use the other stuff in the guide.

Other stuff

This part is about side things to improve your bank. First, in the “Doors” part, I would recomend adding a prop that is hidden under the door that you can break, this allows entry to the vault, also make the vault door have no collision but the prop you use for damage does. Maybe also add multiple vaults with a different reward and different difficulty to break into.

That’s all I have to say about banks, bye!


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Great guide! This could be helpful in my RTB game

Cool guide!

I saw you are using my old randomizer guide…I have newer one if you want to change it to the updated version here…How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)

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