How to make a easy randomizer

  1. You place down a trigger.

  2. Go into block code and make it like this but as many randomizing functions as needed. (add or subtract options as needed)

Here you go, just have what you need to happen be based off the broadcast signal. And if you do need it repeated then make the last randomizer in the cycle transmit to trigger the first randomizer in the cycle. Post if it isn’t working or ya want me to personalize it for your needs.


Nice guide! You may want to credit those who made a guide like this before you.



helped me realize you need the variable to randomize.

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Ok so then creidt them byposting a link to their guide.

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Amazing guide @Legobuilder.

Thx! It really makes my day that I finally made the account after having so long just watching and wishing I could help out.

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Nice guide!

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Thanks! :grinning: Does anyone have any comments or any ideas on what i could use this for guides?

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BUMP! Can someone edit and put exactly what I state in my next reply inside of it? because i want a little dropdown stating how it works. (some people seem to have trouble inserting randomizers in their games…and im only basic user I cannot edit…

How it works

You have your random integer(s) and if’s for every random event you need.
The if’s are to activate what will happen if that specific event is picked.
It can be for broadcasting, changing text to random color like on a christmas tree, a fnaf game for bonnie to stay at corner or go door…go parts and services or straight to party room… It can even be used to spark specific other randomizers like in basketball or baseball random miss or make and random how it will miss or make a score…

There are many ways you can use it to make your game…even to spice up events that don’t need randomized but might look better with them…