The Ritheked Version of Bedwars/Tycoon Item Spawners

This guide will show you how to make a bedwars item granter that will let the enemy team steal other teams’ money. Also, teams with 2 people won’t get double the resources of 1 team. This is my first guide in a while that doesn’t wrangle with scope all too much.


This first part is really easy. Each team has a money pot, and it will use a repeater to give the money to players in the zone. If there are no players, it will store the money. Also, each player will get an equal amount of the item. This will also feature cash per object upgrades.


The Cash Adder

This is really easy. First, place a repeater that broadcasts on “Add Cash” each time. This should be global scoped. Make the time however much you want. Next, if you want to be able to upgrade your money per object (money per rep), make a global number property named “Cash Per Rep”. Also make a global number variable named “Money Pot”. Now make a trigger that receives on “Add Cash”. Put this in the blocks:

If you don’t want upgrades, put a number instead of get property cash per rep.

And now we have a steady flow of cash! On to the next part!

The Cash Retriever

So this guide is for a zone that you can stand in. You could do a button, but that’s boring. So here it is:

First, make the zone. Next, make a global number property named “People In Zone”. Make a counter that updates that property (global scope). It should increment on “Add Player” and decrement on “Subtract Player”. Based on those 2 channel names, you should probably have guessed that the zone will broadcast on “Add Player” when a player enters the zone and broadcast on “Subtract Player” when a person leaves the zone. Now make a player scoped counter that is the same thing as the previous counter. Make a property called “In Zone”. This should be player scoped and a number property. Make the second counter update this property.

Make an item granter that grants cash. Make a block in it that receives on “Add Cash”. Put these blocks in:

This is the entire thing:

Please tell me if I forgot anything or if there’s any bugs!

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Nice wip so far! A great guide in the making.


Bump because finished.


its soooo cool :slight_smile: hard but worked


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