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Im making a tycoon game in GKC, and im wondering how do i make it to were you gain 1 dollar second and when you purchase something it will increase the amonut of money made a second.

Would it be like streak bonus or something?

no like permanite.

So it’d be like +100 per question answered correctly?

The best thing I can think of here is a property that determines how much money you make per second. From there, you could edit it whenever upgrades are bought using any block code, and you could have a repeater running something to give ‘property’ amount of currency every second.

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no i mean like you start out make $1 a second and you buy a generator prop and you now make $11 a sec.

like how do i do that, im not good a blocks.

Ooh ok um just change when you buy the upgrade, the thing switches to another item granter that gives you eleven dollars a sec

yeah, that’s what i was talking about. You start out with a property – lets say its called ‘mps’ for money per second. mps starts at 1, then if you buy a generator, it will add 10.

To get constant money every second, you can set up a wire loop that runs every second by connecting it to an item giver or something, then giving mps currency every time it triggers.

I’ll make a guide on this.


Yeah, and you could use a repeater to make it run every second

Thank you both, this really helps, and i mean it.


I have my own guide! This lets other teams steal your money.


Now I wanna make a tycoon game!


My idea:

(scroll to the CPS part)

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