Suggestions for devices 2.0 device
2.invisable device
4.vending machine allows you to buy with more than 1 item
5.a voteing device that displays all players for among us or giveing stuff or just add your own voteing that transmits on channel
6.boss fights
7.more imanges
8.remove or grant settings for item granter instead of typeing -1
9.a counter that you can select anything you want to check like the amount of players on a team
10.ancient warfare 3 scripting setting or real codeing or real scriptping or gimkit codeing setting
11. game ui’s like a countdown in the middle of screen befor game starts
12. more weapons
13. more sentry skins
14. mini map setting
15. explosions
16. a gimkit menu were you can see peaples game modes
17. for peaple starting out without knowing how to use block editor the gimkit codeing software a codeing preset peaple can publish
18. a waypoint for boss fights and sentrys
19. checkpoints for obbys and stuff like that
20. make it so you can choose the amount of peaple you want to start on a team
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Many of these already exist, just in complicated workarounds.


Please use this link: for any suggestions instead of posting non-related cotent on the Gimkit Creative forum. Thanks!


Hi there, AppropriateName! Seems like you suggested in the wrong place. Suggest on


I have found it. The list of 20 device system ideas. Gimkit’s version of the Clay Institute problems.

Is something wrong with me post???

This forum is for help, not suggesting. You have great ideas though.

Nothing’s wrong, these are just really cool ideas that I want to try to make in Gimkit with the current tools avalible.

Guys if you find out a way to make any of these i wouid like if you wouid post a guide and put in what the things will do and some pictures

This venting guide can double as security cams. Make sure that all the locations have the same exit.

For the vending machine, you can connect the vending machine to an item granter so that when an item is bought the item is granted.

For boss fights, you can spread lasers around a room and activate/ deactivate them at certain times. This gives the illusion of the boss attacking.

For the sentry/boss waypoint, place a waypoint device on the sentry.

For the checkpoint, use this guide as a base

Then, make it so each lifecycle is connected to a trigger, which triggers the teleporter. Make sure the trigger isn’t active when the game starts. Then place zones and connect them to their corresponding triggers to activate them. Make sure the zones also deactivate the previous trigger.

  1. the venting guide makes my map look weird

As long as you use camera view devices, players except for the person using the cams won’t be able to see the little room.