Respawning at a different place than you spawned (🟦)

Looked it up and didn’t see any guides to do this. So for the sake of being bored, here it is. So easy im not putting it in hiden details.

Get a lifecycle and a teleporter. Place the teleporter at the respawn point. Set the lifecycle device to player knocked out. wire or use channels to connect the two so that when the event happens, the player is teleported there.


Nice. I was wondering how to do this, lol

Or you could put a lifecycle, trigger, teleporter and connect the lifecycle to trigger (make sure it is set to player knocked out and the trigger 1sec) and then connect the trigger to teleporter
(this is useful for team games when you want them to spawn in a box for a few seconds and then respawn)

well yes, but they wouldn’t respawn in a box, rather the starting point in the game

Oh okay I get it

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isnt it in the spawn pad settings what time period the spawn pad is active

How do I do this but make it for 2 teams? Like 2 different places for 2 teams

From what I remember there’s three settings- Visible in game, The type of players that spawn there(players or host) and the team.

You can set different spawn pads to allow different teams to spawn, then duplicate this method for both teams.

Oh I mean I want them to spawn at one point first, then when they’re knocked out to spawn somewhere else.

You can use wire repeaters. For team one, connect the lifecycle to a wire repeater. In the wire repeater, set it so only team one can trigger it. Connect it to a teleporter.

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Ok I’ll try this thanks :blush:

It keeps respawning me at the spawn pad and not the teleporter :frowning:

What are the wire settings? Make sure you have this system for both teams, not just team one and the lifecycle is set to player knocked out.