Sandy Beach Ideas (Terrain)

I am trying to make like a beach, and I thought that just a bit of sand for terrain would make the setting normal. Is there a way to make the sandy beach made out of terrain more exciting (any ways to make the terrain itself) and maybe some nice props or texts to put!

Question: Is this in platforming or top-down?

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add a dock, bridges, palm trees and other beach items.


its funny cuz people say that’s advertising
like im not being smart or anything but its funny cuz 2 of those topics are yours

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i understand that, but like i can’t help i made two of the beach guides.

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Maybe make it have a 3d effect?

advertising is a big problem on the forums, but when your guide is genuinely helpful & direct, then I see no problem in putting it in your reply, moreover, it is just 1 or 2 people who are going to use it considering this is a “help” topic. I would say it is not much of a big deal, but it is good you are watching out for this stuff!

Chill it was just a joke

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