How to make a pier in GKC

This is just like when you are building a dock, but 3 times bigger. The size i made is big enough to were you can have a few shops and a ferris wheel (yes i will make a guide on this too :wink:). You can make this as big or as small as you would like. So the matterials you will need to make the size I did are;

  • 64 Dark Wooden Signs
  • 14 Dark Wooden Poles
  • 3 Wooden Fences(Vertical)
  • 16 Wooden Fences(Horizontal)
  • 1 Barrier (HEX: R-71, G-67, B-67)
    First, place your 4 parallel rows, 16 signs long.
    Second, place the Wooden Poles under the signs in pares of 2 about 1 sign apart from the next pare.
    Third, line both sides with the Woodeon Fences(horizontal), make sure they line each end and look symmetrical.
    Forth, add the 3 Wooden Fences(vertical) at one end of the pier inbetween the rows of Wooden Fences(horizontal).
    Fifth, add the add the barrier under the poles and let it hang out a little bit so it will look like a shadow.
    Your final product should look something like this.

The only reason why i made this is because of the Gimkit the Movie(unoffical version). If you like the work, or find this guide helpful, please leave a like :heart:.

Keep on being creative,


Great job! Too bad there are no boat props :slight_smile:

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you spelled Ferris and symmetrical wrong


Yep I always spell something wrong, and yeah I wish they would add the boat soon.


Great guide!

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maybe add lamp posts that sounds good like metal sign metal poles yellow circle barrier and that could make one like this (hold on i´ll show u in a sec)

Screenshot 2023-10-17 2.37.56 PM
Screenshot 2023-10-17 2.39.52 PM


wow. Thats good!

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Great job!

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Great guide, @WolfTechnology!

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