How to make a pond (Difficulty: 0/10 ⬜)

1 First make the water not too big but not too small

2 Then add some trees around it to make the place feel more alive

3 Then if you want a dock then you could make it

now you have a nice pond but i am new to this and very scared I just made my account so i just wanted to make a simple guide so for beginners like me

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Nice little guide! Welcome to the forums @PAS-250
Next time, make sure you give it a difficulty. I would give this a 0/10 or a green square.


Nice guide! Next time, make sure to have pictures so that people won’t flag your guide. People often flag short guides.

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Welcome to the fourms, @PAS-250! Nice Guide!

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thank you so much that is so helpful you guys are so nice

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I know on your first day you can’t have more than one picture but could you put a picture of the finished project

Welcome to the forum and nice first guide, @PAS-250! I hope you like it here!

Remember, pictures are powerful! To enhance this guide, I suggest you take a screenshot of your pond so people can use it to make their own.

If you ever need any more help, just ask around!


Nice guide! Remember to add more images when you can, and welcome to the forum!