[ 📰 Resources ] Resources for Tag Domination


btw, don’t put a colour rating on resources pages. instead, put this in the front:

[:newspaper: Resources]

Nice resources page, @Blizzy!


Thanks @Anythinger and @Here_to_help

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@Blizzy, could you please add the freeze tag guide by @Vortex-Mist?

sure Sorry I don’t know how to make a wiki post

You can’t make a wiki post until you are TL3. And others can’t make your guide a wiki post, so hurry up and become one before you can’t edit the page anymore!

How do I?

Be active for 50 days. You’ve probably met all the requirements other than that


Probably the biggest obstacle is being online for 50 days, so you need to be online for 10 more days

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Just takes a lot of days on the forum, mostly. I am the most recent one. Looks like @Argo77 will be there in about 3 days.

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I’ve already been for 40 days? wow

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here I mean

But the problem then is that this guide will be 32 days old, which is 2 days too many, I think.

Uh oh

Could I copy it? So that I can still edit.

No, but I think that it might be 30 days since last edit, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to edit Monopoly, but I’m not sure. I never got my PM back.

That will create clutter

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Ok then I guess we will have to wait and see

But I just edited it…