How to Lose 50% Energy When Tagged (🟨)

It’s here. I figured it out. Comment what happens and how I can improve it.


Start by getting these device:
Tag zone
Property Device
Item Granter
Inventory Item Manager


Let’s go to the inventory item manager.
Make the settings the following:


Now let’s go to the property device.
Make these changes:


This part is more tricky, it uses blocks.
Go to the item granter ‘wire pulse’ and make these:
Screenshot 2023-06-10 18.51.02


Wire the tag zone to the item granter with these settings:


Your final product should look something like this:

Congrats on achieving this! Happy Gimkitting!


i already knew how to do that and i had already told a lot of people…

also i do believe those are literally my exact screenshots.
(the block ones)

it wont work

mine works, i used it in a game:

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um yea i did exactly as u did

okie then idk

oh, well i searched it and i found that no one posted an answer, sorry for the inconvenience, also, those are my own screenshots

If it won’t work for you, you could post details and screenshots here to try to get further help.


“Opened 12 minutes ago”

all my devices:

inventory item manager:


item granter wire pulse block:

tag zones:

whats wrong with this?

That looks almost exactly like the test system that I set up, except for the fact that I set the energy property to 1000 by default.


I used a button to test the energy reduction; perhaps you could try a similar thing and figure out where exactly the problem is? Other than that, I’m not exactly sure…


yeah, a ton of other people also posted something just like this, it’s obviously unoriginal…

Hm, it still won’t work. I have no clue what’s wrong at this point. Any ideas?

I’m really not sure. I’m in class right now, but I’ll try to test out the full system myself - it might just be an issue with the tag zone, but I haven’t tested that yet so it’s hard to be sure.


you know, over the past few days, you have been driving me mad! I made this from scratch and you are just trying to get all the credit even thought @TortoiseTank2 asked me on another post to make a system for this, and there were no guides for it so i made one. you said:

I made this myself on my map for someone that wanted help and all you want to do is put yourself above everyone else! Thank you to @Anythinger and @NavyCatZ for liking this post, you are so kind. But to you Karl Scott, maybe you should appreciate when someone makes a guide that there isn’t a guide already there! BTW those are my own screenshots look at the minus on mine and the minus on yours! Stop being mean on this forum when anyone posts the answers to a question or some new guide! Thank you!


@Here_to_help are you the same person as IK from the old forum? Just curious.

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FYI they have been banned in case you’re confused as to why they haven’t been posting

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@Anythinger i don’t no who IK is, i am definently not them. also who has been banned @NavyCatZ