How to let a team tag only 1 other team (🟩)

Ok, so people probably have already done these kinds of things with much simpler ways, but I made this just incase.


Get a tag zone, trigger, force respawn, and if your score is coming from tags, then get a property device as well.


Set the tag zone so that tagging team tags. Now set it so that players do not respawn when tagged. Wire the tag zone to the trigger that triggers when the team that can get tagged triggers it. Wire that to a respawn device.


If tags are your score, then go to blocks in the trigger.

Set property 

(example_prop) + 1

Now go to the property device and name it the same thing you named (example_prop). Set it to number. Now go to map options and set score> value of property> (example_prop).

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As always, this is @Here_to_help, Happy Gimkitting!


This is great, but maybe you want to use some pictures

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i thought about it, but it is so simple, and requires only 3/4 devices.
edit: kyro and his alt make the majority same this is hard, so i might need to change the difficulty soon

Don’t It is NOT that hard

i follow what the poll says, but others will see this and it will probably end up green like it currently is

True yeah

Just saying if you can add some photos

i already deleted this from my map…


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