Power System, like FNaF1 (🟩)

This guide will only go over how can you make the power deplet, like in fnaf1 (or any fnaf game that uses electricity, fnaf sl or fnaf1, for example). I won’t go over how to make it deplet faster depending on usage, since when I tried to make it is kind of buggy.

It uses blocks and wires so uhh, I dont know.


This is how it should like when done:

Requires Devices:

  • 1 Lifecycle
  • 1 Wire Repeater
  • 1 Trigger
  • 1 Counter
  • 1 Property
  • 1 Overlay

There will also be 1 block you will have to make for the overlay.

Lifecycle: Make sure its event is to “Game Start”

Trigger: On the “When triggered” channel, name a channel whatever you want, in my case I named it “powerUpdate”, set the delay for it to what time you want, I recommend to set it between 0.9-2 seconds.
Go to “Configuration” tab.
Set “Trigger by player collision” to No.

Counter: set the starting value to 1000. This for more precise power count if you will use different power usages (if you come up on how to make it). Go to property tab, set “Change porperty” to yes, and name it what you want. I named it “powerCount”. Go to Target tab, set “Use Target Value” to Yes, set the value to 0. You can make a channel for blackout when the value is 0.

(Blackout in fnaf1 is when the power is 0 and freddy starts jingling his song and oofs you if the time won’t reach 6 am).

Property: Set property name to the one you made in the counter.

Overlay: Go to blocks tab, and make a block with when recieveing on channel, and the channel will be the one you made in the trigger. Then, make a block like this:

Screenshot 2023-11-12 12.17.36 PM

And then, make the wires like in these screenshots:

And you’re done. (for now)

End of communication. (definetly not a fnaf 6 reference)

(Sorry I was too lazy to make the screenshots for devices, my pardon LOL)


yeah so uhh idk how to make usage system, so if you can gimme ideas how to make that?

If this is finished remove the wip tag

It isn’t exactly finished since I want people to tell me how I could make the usage thing, where if you say have 2 doors closed the power will go down faster.

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what is a usage system

ok so uhhhhhhh, have you ever played fnaf1 or anything like that? if you close all the doors and use the cameras, the usage will go up to level 4 orsomething like that, and if that is what you did you will have the power run out untill 6 am, unlike if you keep it all open and just check the lights

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Im bad at explaining stuff ngl

IK What ya mean. So, the counter is the “Energy”, Correct?

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You Could wire the “Doors” (Barriers, stone walls, ect…) To a repeater, that will decrement the counters energy, every 30 seconds or so.

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But only when the prop is shown, that will mean that the doors are closed.


Ima try to “”“translate”“” what I did for door closing/opening

In blocks.

If GetProperty ("doorOpen?") = true
then  SetProperty ("doorOpen") value: false
broadcast on channel ("closeDoor")
else SetProperty ("doorOpen") value: true
broadcast on channel ("openDoor")

This isn’t any kind of coding stuff I did that in blocks, just remade it into text

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Not sure if they will be able to detect

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Ik typing issues


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Its just hard to explain how I wanted to do it

Anyway’s kewl guide.

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Wait, what if i made a complete FNAF 1 recreation in Gimkit! That would be cool.


Looks pretty good so far!


I was planning to make a guide on this, here’s what I’m planning to use:

Draining Power/Opening and Closing Doors

Basically, there are Overlays on the Top Left and Top Right of the screen called “Close Left Door” and “Close Right Door.”
When you click the “Close Left Door” button, it shows the “Open Left Door” Overlay and so on.

(Close Left Door) Button Pressed > (Open Left Door) Show Overlay

(Open Left Door) Button Pressed > (Close Left Door) Show Overlay

(Close Right Door) Button Pressed > (Open Right Door) Show Overlay

(Open Right Door) Button Pressed > (Close Right Door) Show Overlay

PS: Make sure the “Close Left and Right Door” overlays are active on game start and make all the other doors inactive on game start

Let’s place a counter linked to a number property called “Power.”
Feel free to make the property value anything you want

Now, connect your “Close Left Door” overlay to a repeater that decrements a counter, therefore decrementing the property as well.
Feel free to decrement as fast as you want, maybe even add extra repeaters to decrement it more.

Repeat this for the Left Door

Now, let’s work on how to stop deducting the energy.

Connect the “Open Left Door” and “Open Right Door” buttons to stop the repeater.

Repeat for the doorlights.

(I don’t really know how to make the cameras because I don’t know how to display an area of the game in another area without teleporting to the room you are in, it’s a bit slow and inefficient, plus we ran out of overlays anyway and it gets even worse in 4/20 mode)

PS: This does not support multiple players but you can tweak some settings to do so like setting the overlays to global and prop scope to global

I don’t know how to make the animatronics/props move yet, I’m thinking randomizers, properties and repeaters.
I think you could make it stop at your door by disabling the repeater that makes them move.