How do I make a countdown that starts and stops when I push a button

I am making a fnaf map and I need to make the power gauge. pls help

Their should be a guide on this.

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Here’s a guide for it.

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your link is better

Thank you, but it’s not my guide.

thanks! This was very helpful!

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Click the button that looks like:


This should help!

(This is just for the timer, you can click the arrow to view the whole post, I’m working on my TUG to FNAF, it should be finished before December)

actually, I ended up finding out how to make the door system on my own. but! I did use the guides.
I used whereismyhat’s tutorial link, but I also used Haiasi’s guide as well!
PS: I will make a guide on this soon.

also sorry Norwegia for not using your guide :sweat_smile:

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