Platformer, but in Top-Down

First and foremost, credits to @potato1 who made a similar guide.
Hello Forums! So, recently, I’ve been suffering from Topic Block (no topic ideas!) when I thought of this. Lots of people have been making platformer maps, but some of us can’t (or our parents won’t let us) get the Season Ticket. I’ve come up with a sort of solution to that! I say ‘sort of’ because this just lets the players go right-left, not jump, sadly, so if you wanted that… I don’t know what to say.

[This uses 100% barriers (props=optional)]

The Sky & Ground

I, personally, recommend Frozen Lake or Blastball Court/Concrete for the sky, the former for clear days and the latter for ‘gray days’.

You will need a rectangular barrier. Color it however you want, and s t r e t c h it out until it gets to the end of your ‘path’.
Grab a camera view device, and place it so that the player can only see from the ‘ground’ barrier to wherever the sky ends (that sounded poetic ._O).
Like so:

Making it so that you can't run into the sky ._O

Now, you need another barrier. The only setting you need to change:
Place it here (it’s the white one):



You can use layers to enhance the effect. I think Rusty made a guide about this, how you can use above player+no collision to make it seem like the player is behind the tree.
You can also use just your everyday props, but if you want them to seem ‘floating’, you should TURN OFF THEIR SHADOWS. It drives me NUTS when people keep shadows when they’re not necessary.
Some cool prop designs here.
and here.

Outro and Art!

Let’s close out with some GK fanart totally not to try to get nominations in the GK awards.



Nice guide.
This could be fun to use when if I ever decide to build a Top-Down map related to DLD.




Nice guide

but the fanart…


nice, a similar thing you can do in platforminf is you can also use barriers (invisible) above and below the player to simulate geometry dash (maybe even a no-collision visible barrier in the middle)


Nice guide!
This is a great way to seem like your actually in 2d platforming mode!


Nice alternative!
(Love the fanart!)


I guess you really could just make a Plaformer game in the Top-Down mode, but it just has gravity off which means…
It is possible to turn off gravity for platformer (Even though it’s not platformer)

Nice guide


I forgot to write this earlier, but I added a guide that someone made based off of this one.

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