How to make it like your jumping in platformer

I know this guide is kinda like this guide VoidFluffy [did], but they didn’t show how to make it sorta like jumping so this is what this guide is for(Platformer, but in Top-Down)
First, you have to make the ground and sky like Voidfluffy did, then you have to place down a button that is linked to a teleporter

Then you would link the teleporter to another one at a separate teleporter. You can make it cost energy by granting energy by answering questions, having a checker make sure it has a required amount of energy, and if it suceeds then you can use the teleporter. If it fails then you can have it activate a notification that says you need to get energy.

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Um isn’t a guide suppose to have a guide? Remember next time, use the draft button.


erm, nice, but can you just write the guide in a draft and publish it when its finished? since your trust level is 1, you have one day to finish this before you cant edit it anymore.

also what if i am in a platformer then I’m already jumping :exploding_head:
I’m assuming it would literally just be forced portal movement

If you look at the first paragraph or so, it says that there is no jump, kind of obvious because you are using a barrier to prevent players from moving up.

Also, I love the design.

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This is a great way to elaborate upon my guide! I’ll link this to mine so that more people can see it. Also, welcome to the forums! I look forward to seeing you around.
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