How To Make A Cloud- Difficulty◻ (0/10)

Hello, Forums! I have just realized that while there are a BUNCH of Help posts about making clouds, there isn’t really a GUIDE on how to do it!

If there is, let me know so that I can add credits.

Here is that guide!

I will show you a method for making clouds (pre-platformer), and many ways to use them.

Barriers- Main Body

For the main body, you’ll want to use 4 round barriers and 1 rectangular barrier. Make them all 100% alpha and color them anywhere from pure white to stormy gray. All that matters is that every barrier has the same color.

Then, change the size of two of the round barriers so that it’s decidedly small. Another circle barrier should be twice that size, and the last one should be 2/3 the size of that.

Now you have an assortment like this:

(blinking dodge is sooo cute!)

Then, arrange it in this order: smallest, biggest, middle, smallest, with the rectangle underneath.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 6.29.09 PM

There: the main body!

Optional- Barriers- Shading

Now, if you want, you can shade your cloud! Simply copy the rectangular barrier and make it light gray. Copy that into a circle barrier, and arrange them so that they fill the lower part of the cloud:

Screenshot 2024-04-03 6.32.17 PM

(mine looks horrible, you can definitely do better)


There are many ways to use these clouds.

I’ll just list three that are my favorites.

Normal Clouds

You can sorta simulate platformer style using barriers, too! (woah, these are useful!)


If you watched Castle In The Sky, you would know what I’m talking about. Chances are, you haven’t, but you should, it’s amazing. Basically, it’s a castle in the sky shrouded with clouds.

(it’s not finished yet, that’s why it’s so… ooglee)

Cool Tree
A cool Tree. What more must I say?

Outro Fanart (again)

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Dodge in the sky is too cute of a thought for me.


Lol fanart part it looks awesome the cloud and the fanart


This is a great guide! I love the detailing and sorting! Very original too!


This guide is great! It’s very useful too!


Love the fanart!
I like how you used a cloud for not cloud stuff[1]

  1. If that makes sense? ↩︎

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I remember @x.mochi made really elegant clouds in her gate guide too.


why does It look like its crying…? :skull:

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hahahahahahaha I just made a cloud
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.30.07 PM
cool guide

awwwh lol!

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I feel like that’s familiar but idk from where

yeah its Cloud Strife from final fantasy
forward air meteor go hard
(smash bros i mean)

I love this! But… why are the bottoms really straight?

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Nice guide, @VoidFluffy!
I’m glad you made a guide for such a constant request!
Also, I gave the :heart: tenth like and a :email: new badge!
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Thanks sm, but it’s at nine rn… someone changed their mind : (
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Have an amazing day

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VoidFluffy, is there a way to round the corners so it looks like a cloud that someone would draw? If not, it still looks really nice! Nice guide, and nice job on good topic!


What do you mean round the corners? like at the bottom? then yeah, but I’m going to be offline for most of the day (going to the city) but I can get back to you on that later today or tomorrow.

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what do you use to make the fanart?