[OUTDATED] The Difficulty Rating System

You see tutorials that have these “(Difficulty: (square)” things. They are colored - but you don’t know what they mean.

Here’s a Difficulty rating system - Which will know the meanings of it.

Difficulty: :green_square:
You’ll see almost every guide having this - This means this tutorial will be very easy, such as beginners of gimkit creative.

This means like Making a “Answer Questions” button, guides of teleporters, etc. is very easy. Such as everyone will be able to complete this perfectly.

It’ll require no blocks, or any advanced devices.

Difficulty: :yellow_square:
You might have seen this before. This means that some people might be able to complete this. Since this difficulty is Called “Easy”, not “Very Easy”.

This means like making art using devices, making a farm, lasers on and off, etc.

This requires some devices, and it might cause a lot of wires.

Difficulty: :orange_square:
Some also kind of have this, which means medium. This is a bit difficult, and might be hard for beginners of gimkit creative.

This means how to take turns, how to get a random item when you destory a prop, how to make a button that upgrades your weapon tier, etc.

It can require wire repeaters, some advanced devices.

Difficulty: :red_square:
This means that a tutorial is difficult for most starters of gimkit creative, or most gims due to Advanced Gimkit Devices.

This is like How to make a bank with interest, making memory match, etc.

It will require advanced gimkit devices, a lot of wires, and block-coding.

Difficulty: :purple_square:
This means that the tutorial is VERY hard, and most of it costs a huge percentage of your memory usage. This is rare, with 3 tutorials that are very hard.

Such as Advanced Update Order (AUO), Advanced Update Order Family, and how to make Tic-Tac-Toe.

This requires a lot of skills of gimkit creative’s advanced devices.

Difficulty: :black_large_square:
This means that this tutorial is EXTRA hard, and 97% of Gims could not complete it perfectly, Including Pros of Gimkit Creative, since it costs a very huge amount of memory usage. This is VERY Rare, since only 1 tutorial has this.

This 1 tutorial is How to make ___Land.

It costs a large amount of skills you need for advanced devices of gimkit creative, or learn all devices about it.

And that’s the Difficulty Rating System! In conclusion, if you see a square, that means it stands for a difficulty, like if a tutorial has a orange square, the tutorial is Medium.

Thanks for reading the whole guide! Please, take a heart of this!

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Surprisingly, Tic-Tac-Toe and _____Land don’t take up that much memory.

Checks _____Land

17%! Holy Cow!


Wait. My first map was 71% memory used. Wow… maybe it’s because the code was so janky.


<I hate 20 character rule>

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If I go back and replace all my code with concatenated code, I would lose like 5%

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More computational things take up less memory. A battle royal might take up 75%, because of the map, but my graphing calculator only uses 18%.

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It’s outdated.

What’s better then?

No guide is better.

You made a way better guide that was only tossed away because it had July forums influence.

Thanks. Those times were… off-topic, lol.

I was not there. Could you tell a bit about it?

It was originally just a guide from 1 - 10, but I kept adding stuff as a joke, and now I can’t edit it ;-;

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Does editing a guide bump it?

#1: The difficulties were in increments of 1, originally, but then they turned into increments of 0.25.
#2: I created 2 more dimensions of difficulty.
#3: I created difficulty in the complex plane.
#4: We created negative difficulties.

But isn’t I and negative the 2 other dimensions?

Yep, but I wanted to point those out specifically.

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Increments of 0.25? Since when did that ever happen?

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