"On the Nature Series" ColIection

This is a post with all of the “On the Nature Series” posts. Keep in mind that no work here will be made by me, but is made by @SpeedShinobi and other collaborators


You are allowed to add more links if, they have “On the Nature” on their tittle and are Educational, you have to own the posts to put them here, if you don’t own them, please @SpeedShinobi me and I will ask for their permission

You can also directly write miniguides here but please, ask @SpeedShinobi first.


On the Nature of a Sentry: A Comprehensive Guide on the Sentry's Biology and its Place in the Community


On the Nature of a Waypoint: A Comprehensive Study On the Waypoint’s Biology and Its Place In the Community

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Awaiting permission…

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Awaiting 2 permissions currently.

1: May I write my own miniguides here instead of linking posts?

2: If anyone would like them I’m happy to draw pictures similar to the ones I did on the Waypoint guide.


1: You would have to ask @SpeedShinobi

2: That would be AWESOME!


1: If you mean “Miniguides” then yeah, go ahead and edit as much as you want, I accept both guides and links here
2: I would love that, ill be making some similar to @ClicClac 's soon and the pictures would be the only thing I’m missing.


Be sure to give credit to yourself, for example,

XxxxxxxX - NavyCatZ

Nice collection! I love this series so far!

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