Making a player drop all items on knockout (🟩) [Look at comments for remedy]

Ok, this should be simple but tedious. I didn’t try this out because I would take a while, but it worked in the simulation. Tell me what happens.


Get a lifecycle and make it so that it transmits knockout.


Get an Inventory Item Manager. Set it to bait, and make the max 0 (you can do that right?). Make it not active on start, and activate when receiving knockout, and deactivate when receiving reset.


Get a counter that increments counter on knockout. When it reaches its target of 1, broadcast reset. Then reset counter when receiving reset.


Copy the Inventory Item Manager, and make one for every item, but the other settings stay the same.

Warning: Inventory Item Managers are one of 3 devices that glitch often and are limited. This might not work! Use at your own risk!

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As always, this is @Here_to_help, Happy Gimkitting!


Nice guide!

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What do you mean are limited?

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Great guide, @Here_to_help!

It means that there are limited settings and not much broadness to what you can do with it.

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Bump. This guide worked for you, right?

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Isn’t this a map setting?

No, unfortunately not

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And, WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS MAKING BATTEL ROYLE! (i have to misspel or this page will get blocked)

No, the map setting I think you are talking about is to delete the items/gadgets/consumables but not drop them where the player has died.


“Deactivate when receiving reset.” I don’t see a setting for that.
“When it reaches its target of 1, broadcast reset.” I also don’t see a setting for that. :disappointed_relieved:

  1. I mean use channels so that when it receives the channel reset, it deactivates
  2. Isn’t there a setting for broadcast ___ when target met? You just set target to 1.

There is no option to deactivate the inventory manager.
(I’ve tried using wires from the counter to the manager, it seems to work- but I cannot deactivate it).

Weird, when I tested this (like a month after I made this guide) I had that option. Hmm, guess this won’t work anymore.


There is, it just on,y shows up in wires for certain people.

I meant the channel option.

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This is a great guide! Can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner.

Yeah, but it doesn’t work anymore.

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Oh come on! I was going to use this in my open world! Well, oh well. o7