Is there a way to make a live chat

Is there cuz I need to know (Sithic your plan works… but stoped working)

Search before you post please.

Your would have gotten an angry snom image but you are new so its ok

Edit: @greenbean7 I dont have that many, just 17. They are really easy to make and are there for every occasion
(All im saying since snom is off topic)


why do you have so many “snom” images
edit: @Sythic 17 is wild but ok

Okay Sythic (it wont let me reply to you) it works… but stoped working

huh, well first, congrats on actually making it (I tried but I gave up)
could you explain how it stopped working?

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What happened? I could guide you through what to do.

So more like it stoped working on my end i was testing with my friends and it worked for them but not for me. The messages stoped appearing (ps: I have been forgeting to check the forums😅)