I need help with thumbnail ideas

Thumbnail ideas for a capture the flag+snowbrawl game
I’m not very creative at art so can someone plz help

Have you seen Thumbnail tips and requests? Use the wiki to add your name in it!

ok thanks I’ll check it out

I can make a thumbnail, though I am not too good at it. Why do we need to put it on the thumbnail tips and requests? Just asking…

You don’t have to, it was a suggestion!

Anyways I will be back tommorow

its alr u don’t have to I don’t rly want to steal someones art :smile:

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I guess? But it wouldn’t be considered stealing. :thinking:

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oh I thought It would be cuz it was your art lol

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I’d love to help, but how does one make a thumbnail?

I use Canva and Google slides when I make mine. Depends on how you want it to look. :person_shrugging:

yea I use Google slides but the one I made so far is just the snowbrawl thumbnail and some words…

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Sheesh! That’s a lot of guides! I just joined last week.

thanks I will check those out to

By snowbrawl, do you mean artic, or defend a snowy castle, or what?

like snowball launcher fighting the other team

(kinda like the snowbrawl game mode from gimkit)

want this to be the background?
Screenshot 2024-03-04 5.15.34 PM

ohhh that looks cool but I want more or a cartoonish style like the ones gimkit uses

Screenshot 2024-03-04 5.17.20 PM

how about a vortex Agent carrying the flag away from two echo agents with Snowbrawl launchers?