I need help with thumbnail ideas

Wait, I’m on google slides, and have found a background I like, but how can I get it to allow me to put gimkit things in there?

Here:[📋] EVERY Image in GKC 1.0

Open the adding menu. Right click the image you want and copy it using “copy image”. Then click ctrl+v

What is the name of it?

Sorry. The game, I mean. :wink:

So do you need a thumbnail? If so, fill out this premade form (i created it):
What they are doing:
Additional Notes:

Ok, my very first thumbnail:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 6.10.28 PM
Is this what you want?
(please leave a like)


that’s rly good this is mine so far what should I add?

How do you add in specific gimkit features? ( like med packs, and actual snowball launchers. I had to use my own.) Also, maybe some more props for terrain?


u guessed the name of my map lol. or I alr told u and I forgot…

you never said what it was, so I just made my own. lol.

oh lol. yea I did not know what to name it so I named it snow wars but I’m trying to think of a different name bc I feel like it sounds bland

Maybe you could do
ice attack?
capture the flag ( winter edition ) ?
or something else?

ok that sounds good thanks :smile:
(I think I’m about to run out of replys for the day why does it do that?)

I am really good at making thumbnails : )

maybe I can help?

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Updated thumbnail

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alr ofc u can thanks :smiley: