I need help with thumbnail ideas

alr this might be the final thumbnail but if anyone wants to change anything about it just tell me. or if u have other thumbnails

Really good! ( can u shrink the title and move it to the top so we can see what’s going on a little better?)

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Welcome to forums @_Lightning !!

OOh I joined one day before you.

Really Cool. but maybe you can change it so that the text is more visible?

I do, "art" if you could call it that. But other people do it better. Just throwing my name into consideration. Though I am Really bad at art.

What do you do, then?

Nothing, just, recommend stuff and make corny jokes in the process. I make AI do my pfp and stuff. Though Foxy is working on a project for me… that is if she still has faith in me. I would not, oh well we will see. Also, were you talking just about art related?

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Ok then, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who does nothing with their life. (No offence if that was cruel) We’re making thumbnails.

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ok I’ll do that thanks

It’s been good talking with you! :fox_face: :heart:

same thanks for helping me to I’ll put u in the credits :smiley:

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Final Thumbnail thanks to everyone that helped me :smile:

Thumbnail (3)

(ignore the white outline canva does that for some reason ill just remove it later )

Um–the title kinda overlaps what’s going on…
maybe arrange the word Flags below Frozen and resize it.
Then, :point_up_2: move it to the left side.

oh ok I’ll do that thanks

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what about this is this good?

Um–almost, but the snowman and coffee mug gim are cut off.
The text should be fine.

yea ik I kinda wanted it like that it looks a little better

Okay, that’s fine.
As long as it fits you.

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