[🤏 Mini Guide] Clickbait Thumbnails

If you make a game and you want views, there are many things you can do to boost your stats.

Clickbait is NOT an option!

If you are making a game, and you want views, read these guides:


Thank you for saying this. i hope you have a good life

nice, but this is short and can get flagged. maybe add some more stuff on… idk actually

Nice guide @JoeTheChicken.

why do short topics get flagged?

since they’re so short, it could be classified as spam


oh ok it kinda makes sense

To add on, short topics usually don’t require lots of skill or knowledge to recreate it, so almost nobody would need it. Note the usually though.


Easily one of the better guides out there.

meh, not really, if you dig, there are a lot of very cool guides and this is pretty short.


Eh, I guess that’s true

Nice guide!

bumppppppp pppppp pp pup. Nice guide.

Just gonna quote this.

Why? He waited a whole month.

Don’t know. His 5 recent activity then was bumping or so.

As long as it’s not on the same guide, he’s fine.

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@JoeTheChicken, maybe you should showcase M1dnights guide on how to make a thumbnail. His thumbnails are so good, and would have a gravitational pull on people’s mice.
(not the animal mice, a computer mouse.)

editing time is up

by over a month

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oh. well he could just comment it too I guess.