I need dnd enemy ideas

Hi i went all out on my dnd map i made Barrars as walls and made everything look nice but i need ideas for the game like bosses and stuff i already have a good map layout. i just need cool enemies> thx

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Welcome to the forum! Try this: How to Personalize Sentries!


Welcome to the forum, @Edwards. This might help.


Or maybe this could help as well.

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mabye but i need it to die all at once

nah your in dnd so i dont need a table

Just make one of them

oh this looks cool thx

This might help. RPG’s are honestly similar to dnd anyway.

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yes! this will be a rpg thx

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ok im new how do i mark it

Click the button that looks like:



you click the little check mark on a post.

ok but is there any bosses that are easier

Maybe this?

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ill show you my game

Codes are not allowed on the forum. So make sure it’s screenshots.

oh nvm thx tho ill try thes