How to make a boss! Very Easy tutorial! [Difficulty 🟦]

First,you need a Sentry!
Screenshot 2023-11-02 11.13.06 AM
Second,click on it and change it’s settings to your likings!

Third,get a End Game Device!
Screenshot 2023-11-02 11.15.49 AM
Finally, wire the Sentry to the End Game device!
Screenshot 2023-11-02 11.16.08 AM

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isnt this in the tutorial of gimkit creative?

nah, something similar is in there, but not this.

Well, i am VERY unsure.

I think the difficulty is overrated. There’s no block usage, and it’s mostly modifying settings. Maybe a :blue_square: or a :green_square: ?


Nice guide! Good job!

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Somebody edited it,sorry. It should be changed!
ya need a little revive!

Thanks, i appreciate the support!
ya need a little revive!

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This could be considered spam as you’ve been doing it a lot.

@WhereIsMyHat this is the only time i’ve done this

oh you mean that? I didn’t think of that as spam…sorry

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I went back in time and prevented myself from saying that

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It’s good.


also i updated my profile a bit. check it out, anyone!

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Mmm nice, but off topic! Youre in japan??? Cool!

yeah ik ik it’s cool

wait a minute how did you blur the text. i think i have to go to my life settings lol fr how did you do that

It’s a new setting. Click the cogwheel then blur spoiler

This text will be blurred