How to make a boss! Very Easy tutorial! [Difficulty 🟦]

oh wait i found it. why did they put this in? **now,lets get on topic, @Cod_Zombies! P.S, I ran out of hearts/likes and i cannot like any more posts

I dont know, and lets stop being off topic!

Nice Guide :+1: very helpful

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yup, good job on this guide!

Unfortunately, the Gimkit tutorial is not possible to re-take.

She’s offline probably until tomorrow, she isnt on after school hours. Last thing probably, i’m going to make my pfp different perk icon logos that i drew myself

no it is the same, bro just copied it :grimacing:

Nah wdym this isn’t a copy. Idk anymore i did the gimkit tutorial like months ago so idk what they said in the tutorial anymore…

but yeah sorry if this a copy.

also i like your pfp

Let’s stay on-topic, everyone.

ok thanks, @wingwave!

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