Hunger Games Ideas and Design

Hey there, I am looking for ideas for my new gimkit. I am willing to consider any ideas. Your ideas and opinions are valued. I will need art ideas, room ideas, and which part of the book I should do!

Thanks so much again!

Use a bright color scheme so that your map looks vibrant, but also make it look scary in terms of design as you go farther.

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Still looking for any other opinions!

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I was thinking about making a hunger games map but more of a battle royal where the host is the game master and can set traps and stuff.

Caves? Traps? Sentries? Laser Mazes? Valuts? Museums? Hospital? Jail? IDK

here’s an image of minecraft hunger games:

it’s not exactly the hunger games but, hope you spark some ideas with this!
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This seems like a good idea. Does anyone else want to add? Just asking! :blush:

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I may use these for another map AFTER hunger games. Thank you tho

if they dont have a solution dont force them to mark a solution :slight_smile:

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remember, if there is a character limit put random words (no symbols) into <>

Does anyone else want to add anything? Thanks!

i would love to see this come to gimkit


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Thanks so much! I was wondering if I could help in any way?

Do you have any ideas as to what part of the Hunger Games series I should do? (Chapter, I mean)

Chapter like book chapter or like book 1 or 2?

I got an idea

Maybe you can make traps that can attack other players.

Hide in bushes, craft your weapons.

Example, a common slingshot = bow and arorw

Good idea @Txme_Lxss

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