Hunger Games: What should I do?

Continuing the discussion from Hunger Games Ideas and Design: Does anyone have any design ideas for my Hunger Games gimkit?

The new songbirds and snakes locations. Trust me, just trust me…

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You can reply to that topic…

What designs should I do for it?

The arena and the city. Please…

well just use some of these guides.

And what chapter should I do?

The one where Corialnus gets launched into the zoo.

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Oooh ok. That’s a harder one.

Just that chapter, or just that part?

Add food, so people get hungry. And also arcade cabnits.

A striker idea would be a disease that comes out of certain shield cans. For instance, when Lucy Gray Baird poisoned the water you could create some shield cans that actually kill you over time. Making a paranoia effect among the players. Being that their water may just kill them… Just a suggestion.

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That would be hard to do, you would have to some how have the item linked to player KO, which is possible, I am just not sure if it gimkit creative has the flexiblity to have that happen. But it seems like a good suggestion.

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Why thank you. I work hard on my ideas.


We need to have a spot for just random ideas that everyone has that can be taken off one by one when they are made. And yep, i agree on this idea of yours.

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Should I do a specific chapter?

Make different biomes and like a storm

How would I do that?

What chapter has the least death in it? it has to be kid friendly, plus what book?

barriers with low alpha and have different trees, and grasses, and bushes(etc) is certain parts of the map.