How to make a hunger/energy/water bar

Hello I hope this helps!
(I don’t think there is a guide on this tell me if there is)

Devices Needed

Get a property, game overlay, repeater/ trigger clock if you don’t like repeaters, trigger
and a lifecycle if you want it to start when the game begins
Screenshot 2024-01-20 3.34.20 PM


Go to your property and set it’s name to whatever you want make it a number property
and also make the default value a hundred or what


If you want this to start when the game starts then do this otherwise skip this step go to your lifecycle make it broadcast something


Go to your repeater and make it when it receives what the lifecycle broadcasted or whatever you want. Next (I feel like I’m using lots of next’s) when a task occurs broadcast something that the trigger will pick up


Make it so the trigger will not show and if a player steps on it it won’t trigger
Now, make it trigger when it receives from the repeater. Add a block code and make it like this

Game Overlay

Almost done!
Make the overlay start when repeater works add a block when receiving on channel make the channel the repeater broadcasts and now add block code like this:


You can add a checker and make it check every time the repeater runs and make it so when property is 0 respawn or whatever

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Nice guide!

I read very fast.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone else made a guide like this. Nice guide though!

repeater alert!

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I said you could use a trigger loop

I’m going to test it I think it works

I don’t see a problem with repeaters. There quite useful to me.

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shouldn’t you test your guide before you post it?

I think it works you said there was something

repeaters use a lot of memory and there are devices that can mimic everything it does and more with ten times less memory

Using the repeater can repeat the task of what a normal device could do though. ( I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. )

the community has managed to find ways to replace the device with way less memory

I hate these “alerting” things.

Let the person do whatever they want on their guide. You can’t just force them not to use repeaters.


Thank you this will help me a lot!

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